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Cyber Security

Cyber Security: InnoLink is partnered with the best in business security solutions providers. We implement and monitor top antispam and antivirus systems. We also provide cyber security training to keep you and your employees up to date on all modern threats. But in today’s world that alone is not enough. Utilizing state-of-the-art cyber security solutions, we proactively stop threats by hardening your IT infrastructure and protection.

Compliance & Security

HIPPA, PCI Compliance, and Cyber Security Insurance Assistance: InnoLink has been working with medical and financial customers for 25 years. With extensive expertise in HIPPA and PCI compliance, we can help you navigate these difficult waters. Assistance with cyber security insurance applications is a standard offering in our customer support.

VOIP Systems

VOIP Systems: InnoLink is partnered with one of the leading Voice Over IP phone providers in the world. We work closely with you to design a system to meet all of your unique business needs. Then we configure the entire system and continue to support it after installation.

Office Space & Moves

New Office Space and Moves: Building a new office? Moving? Let us help you. We work closely with you as well as your architect and contractors, to design the server room, and plan for workstations, copiers, printers and other network devices. Not only do we design the structured cabling, we install it all. For an office move we can break down, transport and setup your IT equipment at the new location.

Business Continuity

Co-Managed Support and Business Continuity: If you have your own IT person we will work closely with them to offer consultation and additional support where needed. We can tackle projects you prefer to not take on in-house. And by us working closely with your business, we are able to temporarily take over support when  your in-house IT person is unavailable. Because we know your business and IT systems, when there is turnover in that position, InnoLink gives you the continuity needed by temporarily taking over support until you are able to fill that role.

IT Budgeting

IT Budget Planning: By working closely with business owners and CFO’s we help you plan for financial investments in your critical IT infrastructure. Our project planning and estimates position you to best manage these investments and avoid costly IT surprises.

One Stop Shopping

One Stop Shopping: For IT related services that we don’t directly offer, we partner with other vendors to provide you what you need. Internet providers, web developers, copier companies or your main business applications, we can work with other partners to provide one stop shopping for all your IT needs.

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