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for small and mid-sized businesses

Network Infrastructure: With over 25 years of networking experience InnoLink is your infrastructure expert. We’ll design, install and maintain your network to make sure switches, routers, firewalls and other networking equipment are all running with optimal efficiency.

Server Support

Server Implementation and Support: We know servers! InnoLink has been in the server business since 1996. Whether on the premise or up in the cloud, we will design and build a server that is just right for your organization. And when the time is right for a refresh, our expertise will enable us to seamlessly migrate you to the next server.


Workstation Installation and Support: No one wants their staff slowed down by old or poorly running computers. InnoLink will tune workstations to maximize their life. When it is time to replace them, we will help with the specification and installation of the new computers.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services: Whether you prefer Microsoft 365 email and/or Sharepoint data in the cloud, or perhaps you need your entire IT systems cloud-hosted, use our cloud migration expertise to get you there and maintain it.

Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks: In office mobility is how the modern office works today. And many systems require reliable wireless systems to operate. Using proven powerful and reliable wireless systems, we will design and install your wireless network to cover your entire space, indoor and outdoor.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery: Your data backup is arguably the most important part of your IT infrastructure. InnoLink Systems utilizes one of the most reliable yet cost effective backup solutions in today’s market. Using a combination of onsite and cloud based systems, we provide both speedy recovery and critical protection from viruses, fire, theft and flood. By utilizing continuous restore technology, we’ll have you back up and running in minutes.

Project Planning and Implementation

Project Planning and Implementation: Whether needing to implement a new application to run your business or planning a move to a new office, let us help. We will work directly with application vendors, general contractors and any other vendor, speaking their language, and making sure you have the right infrastructure in place to ensure a successful implementation.

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