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InnoLink Systems is More than just an IT Company. For our Customers, InnoLink is a Trusted Partner

About Us

The professionals at InnoLink Systems use their extensive experience to help your business make smart and cost effective IT decisions. Whether assuring strong security, refreshing your systems or planning your IT budget, we’re the partners for you.

Because we’re local, you’ll find us in the trenches with you. Rather than a faceless voice on the phone, we make that extra effort to be on-site with your staff. This provides a better experience to be right there answering questions and demonstrating solutions. In our experience, this is the most efficient way to identify your company and system needs while you benefit from that personal relationship.

Mission Statement:

Provide superior IT services to customers by delivering expertise in proven solutions at a competitive price. By offering fast response from skilled professionals, we ensure ensure our customers don’t worry about IT .

Howard Ross


Howard Ross graduated from Northeastern University in 1989 with a degree in Business Information Technologies. He spent the first 8 years of his career working for the Dupont Company. After beginning as an application programmer, he later joined the newly formed LAN Projects and Engineering group where he helped different divisions design and implement their IT networks.

In 1996 after recognizing an underserved community, Howard started his own IT consulting company, InnoLink Systems, Inc. It was here that Howard brought his experience to small to mid-sized companies throughout the Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania business communities.

InnoLink works with a variety of businesses to help them define, implement and support their entire IT infrastructure.

Professional Team

Professional Team

Our staff of professionals are carefully recruited to complement the wide array of skills & and expertise required to support your business needs. You can depend on us to respond and resolve your issues quickly. We will effectively communicate with your staff in a way that eases any transition and builds user confidence.

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Whether it is assuring strong security, refreshing your IT equipment or planning your IT budget, we are the partners for you.